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What Best Buy Auction Offers

Put your finger

Put your finger

From the largest property database, mark your choice

Pay and participate

Pay and participate

The participation fee is refunded if you lose, otherwise adjusted

Bid to Win

Bid to Win

Place the bid and keep it competitive to increase the chances

Be a Winner

Be a Winner

If your bid is highest, own your dream property at your prices


How exactly the auction process works?

We have a wide list of properties for sale. Select the property that you are interested in and pay the participation fee to take part. Place your bid. You can adjust the bid to get ahead of the competition. Once the auction is done, we declare the winner to the highest bidder.

What is the fee for taking a part in the bidding?

We allow the participation in bidding by deposition of a participation fee. If you are depositing the money online, the transaction charges are to be born by you. In case of payments by cheque, full money is refunded if you do not win the bid. To bid for multiple properties, you need to deposit the fees for each separately.

How does the bidding go and how can I win?

We follow an ethical procedure of bidding. The highest bidder takes the property. The seller sets the Reserve Price which is the minimum price he expects. You can bid lower than the Reserved Price but to win the bid, we advise you to put a price higher than the Reserve Price which can be compelling for the seller. If you see a better offer on the property, you can increase your bid to win.

Is cancelling the bid or withdrawing from the auction possible?

No. After placing the bid, we do not allow cancelling it or withdrawing from the auction. The participation fee is also not refunded in such a case. If you win the bid, you have to own the property. If the top bidder does not own the property, it is gets transferred to the second highest bidder.

What happens when I win the bid?

After being declared as the winner, you have to pay the booking amount upfront as per the plan of the property. The balance can be paid within the time allowed as per the instructions by the seller.

What if after winning the bid, I am unable to pay for it?

Please make sure before bidding that you are willing and financially capable of buying the property. We put resources to perform the auction and we expect the participants to value that. As a penalty, we do not refund your participation fee.

For Seller

  • A nominal amount has to be paid for listing and marketing charges.
  • We put in every effort to sell your property through the auction and when it does, we charge a brokerage on the closing price.
  • For more details, please contact our team.

For Buyer

  • The registration fee has to be paid by the buyer after which he would be eligible for participating in the bid.
  • For bidding on multiple properties, a separate amount has to be paid for each.
  • If the bidder does not win the bid, the full registration money is refunded.

* If the bidder is paying money online, the transaction charges are to be borne by him/ her . In the case of payments by DD, the full amount is refunded on losing the bid and for the winners the fee will be adjusted in final payment for property. For more details, please contact our team.

  1. The seller lists his property on the portal for selling. He also mentions the reserve price which is the minimum price that he expects for the property.
  2. The interested buyer would register on the portal and pay the fee to bid for the listing.
  3. The buyer can and should adjust the bid as the auction proceeds to beat the competition.
  4. At the end of the auction, the highest bidder is declared as the winner by a fair and square procedure.
  5. If the highest bidder cannot claim the property, the ownership is automatically offered to the second highest bidder fortifying the registration fee of the highest bidder.
  6. The buyer can also offer price lower than reserve price and it depends on the seller whether or not he would accept the offer.